Get started in affiliate marketing for less than $100

Get started in affiliate marketing. Buy the book, or get it free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

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The book will show you the steps I went through to build this very site.

Using WordPress and running for free on AWS.

Alternatively, keep reading more below.

In this website I have laid out all the steps to create a website for affiliate marketing purposes, and the only cost is obtaining a domain name.

The steps are as follows:

Define your goals

Choose a domain name

Select a web hosting provider

Plan your website structure

Design your website

Develop and customize content

Build the web site, this is where you need to pick a Content Management System, I recommend WordPress running on a hosting provider.

Incorporate essential elements

Optmize for search engines (SEO)

Test and launch

Regularly update and maintain

I should also point out that you should not expect instant returns, it could take weeks before your website is even searchable. During that time, it’s probably best to focus on creating more content.

I would not worry about joining an affiliate program during this time, as your website will not be getting any traffic early on.

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